About Economic Focus, Inc.

In The Field - On The Web - Via Email - Through Social Media

Marketing Stratigies for Title Insurance, Mortgage & Financial Services Professionals



Our roots go back to 1996 when we saw a need for effective marketing tools and materials that would put Title Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate and, Financial Service related professionals in front of their clients consistently in an informed and professional format.

Five key marketing objectives dictated this approach: 

  • Create and maintain a high professional dialogue with prospects and clients;
  • Produce regular and predictable motivation to make field calls;
  • Provide prospects and clients with something relevant, informative, and engaging;
  • Achieve and maintain a continual presence in the marketplace;
  • Develop an environment that promotes business, as a result.

Out of this void sprang Week In Review, a weekly wrap-up of the week's key economic events, with an emphasis on the supply and cost of money.

The initial distribution was person-to-person, via messenger, U.S. mail, or fax, and the response that followed was overwhelming. Field representatives saw doors opening and prospects initiating business; this approach allowed them to be continually in front of their clients without frequent field calls. This success quickly spread to other market areas, companies, and professions, and today Week In Review is the flagship for many marketing teams within the Title Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, and Financial Services industries. 

We soon had many requests for more marketing tools that could improve professional-to-consumer and professional-to-professional communication. Welcome Consumer Focus and Economic Focus, respectively, These services were once again met with great success. 

In February 2002, an automated e-mail delivery service was set in motion through which an HTML format of each economic report was distributed. All of the Web-based services have allowed our clients to serve a larger market with less effort, time and, lower costs, thus they can maximize their efforts on quality of services.


Today, Focus is fully engaged in a four-fold integrated marketing plan that targets four tracks: 

  • On the Internet: an HTML format hosted on your website;
  • In the field: Hardcopy format of each report that can be hand delivered (Week In ReviewEconomic Focus & Consumer Focus);
  • Via e-mail: through hands-free, proprietary and, convenient automated distribution;
  • Social Media: by incorporating many of our tools in your social strategy.

Our reports are expertly researched, professionally written, highly informative and easily understood, 5-minute read executive summaries.

The saying "Content is King" applies to our over 22 widgets that are included with our interactive HTML editions that link to your website. They include, Financial Calculators, a 1,000-word Library, sections on Home Buying, Home Selling, Living at Home, hundreds of articles and more. We provide in-depth Hot Sheets on New and Existing Home Sales plus analysis of the FOMC policy statements.

The bottom line is we strive to provide:

  • Creative ways to develop and maintain a productive rapport with your prospective and existing clients;
  • Convenient and economical ways to keep your name and services in front of your markets;
  • Proven tools to draw and sustain repeat visits to your Web page;
  • Publications that provide an informed and professional image;
  • Enjoyable ways to communicate, network and stand out in the market place.
  • All, so you can more effectively tend to client service and sales.